Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday Morning Coming Down

It's been two weeks since the election and there's been no further glossy fliers from the candidates or those promoting a proposition. Weeks and weeks of daily deluges of didactic documents, and then… nothing. I know that back on Election Day I was celebrating that it would stop, but it's such an abrupt transition that way. The building of postal attention followed the complete discontinuation makes it seem like those behind the mailings did not really care about us, had no interest in developing a genuine connection with us; all they wanted was our votes and then we were of no further worthiness.

Which is, of course, precisely the case, but couldn't they at least feign some lingering interest in us, so we don't feel completely used? One post-election flier that thanks us for voting (if we did) may serve benefits as of the next election. You never know.

After figuratively wining and dining us, then having your political way with us, a bit of post-election cuddling before you sneak out in the night may leave us, the electorate you'll be courting again next time, less difficult to convince to go out with you again (so to speak).

Just a thought.

See you in the mailbox in a couple years.

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