Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dancing with the deluded

A Wisconsin man was so upset by Bristol Palin's routine on Dancing with the Stars, allegedly exclaiming she had no talent, that he shot his TV, which led to a showdown with the local SWAT team.

I have to imagine that Palin's mother would respect that more had the man shot the TV from a helicopter.



Apparently some people who have less of a life than even I do were upset that Bristol Palin continues to be on the show despite her lack of dancing ability (or so I read in this story), claiming that Tea Party supporters are conspiring to stuff the proverbial ballot box for the show.

That it only took these disgruntled DWTS fans 11 seasons of the "competition" to grasp that it was a popularity contest seems somewhat alarming at first, but upon then, clearly these people don't even have the good sense to blast their televisions with a shotgun when they have the chance, so when you stop to think about it, their dismay is hardly surprising.


Regardless of one's feelings about Sarah Palin, anything Bristol can do through her ineptitude on the televised dance floor to burst the bubble that allows DWTS to continue having seasons is to be encouraged.


  1. We watch DWTS and understand that it is a popularity contest. We are no less disgusted by the stupidity of situations like Palingate (Palin needs to be shown the gate). I would like to believe that talent is rewarded, but that does not happen on DWTS... It is a bit like watching an accident of the 405, Despite your better instincts it is hard to not watch.

  2. on the contrary, I find it VERY easy not to watch.

  3. I have never seen Dancing With The Stars.

  4. I've not watched it either; I'm responding merely to the media coverage of this "controvery."

    Basically, if you accepted Bristol as a "star" in the first place you've relinquished the right to expect talent to matter for who wins.


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