Friday, November 19, 2010

Kardashian sex machine... well, machine

Note to Kim Kardashian*: I accidentally saw some of you hosting the "25 Years of Sexy" special on ABC the other night (only until I found the remote). At the beginning you claimed to "know a little something about sexy," and yet every second you spoke you were so lifeless that it sounded like you don't. (It seemed more like not only did you not know something about sexy, you lacked familiarity with being conscious.)

You may want to do something about improving your skills at being an emcee (and with voiceover). Or fade into obscurity.

Either would work for the rest of us.


* Sure, she might read this. Eh, I can't even type that with a straight face.


  1. If things changed, like a series of solar flares, to prevent the easy transmission of useless video images, people like the Kardashians would simply disappear. ;-)

  2. Oh, it's perfectly fine to see images of Ms. Kardashian; we just don't need to hear her.


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