Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lost and freaking out

The dangers of re-visiting the past...

In this post from late January I discussed the challenge of catching up on the TV series Lost by watching the DVDs.

Another pseudo-issue with that: Mixing shows that you catch up on.

And finally I'm getting to talking about that.


Back in January, after a weekend of watching Lost season 3 on DVD, we popped in Freaks and Geeks season 1, disc 6. (Ah, the glory of Netflix.)

In an episode of F&G Nick (Jason Segal) gets his drums taken away after a bad report card. While watching a scene in that episode where he confronts his father after discovering the drums gone, we had to stop and pause.

It was slightly shocking.


The actor who portrayed Mr. Andopolis (Nick's father) was Kevin Tighe--whom I originally recall from his days as paramedic Roy DeSoto on Emergency!, but who (in our more recent consciousness) had portrayed Locke's scoundrel of a father on Lost. And because he looked the same in both series (with Lost coming only a few years after F&G), it made for a more disquieting moment than Judd Apatow must have intended when they made that episode.

Maybe if he'd given Nick the drums back then he wouldn't have conned Locke into donating a kidney. Oh wait...

Somebody call Squad 51.


What actors have you seen in one show that freaked you out in another? Give me your thoughts on this by clicking the Thought(s) on This link below.


  1. In 1980 Richard Pryor did his imitation of the Human Torch after an accident with freebasing cocaine. (He joked about this in his stand-up comedy routine.)

    In 1984 he starred in the kids program, "Pryor's Place." Maybe it should've been called "Pryor Convictions."

    And let's not forget Paul Reubens of "Pee Wee's Playhouse" and how he was caught playing with his namesake in an adult movie house.

    It's 10 AM. Do you know where your kids are? Hopefully not in front of the TV on Saturday morning!


  2. OK, I don't know if my first comment got through or not. So let me briefly repeat myself:

    Richard Pryor in the kids show, "Pryor's Place" (1984) after his freebasing cocaine accident.

    And Paul Reubens of "Pee Wee's Playhouse," in light of his legal problems later on.

    It's 10 AM. Do you know where your kids are? Hopefully not in front of the TV set!



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