Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who says there's no reason for optimism?

The way there's this perception that contemporary public discourse, with people are talking past each other, where there's only the reinforcement of entrenched viewpoints, has been lamented by those who believe in the value of being open-minded as society really going downhill.

I'm not entirely sure when this halcyon age of people paying attention to the arguments of those with whom they disagree was, but I digress.

However, as one who does value that open-mindedness in principle, I prefer to think that there's still plenty of people who are listening; it's merely that those people are not the ones getting the attention. The blustering close-minded ones make for better spectacle, are what leave a more profound impression even if they are a distinct minority.

Of course, as a lazy person, I find the notion that no one will be persuaded anyway to be very liberating. It's easier to merely say what I have to say without feeling compelled to justify it.

It is a grand age either way you look at it, if you merely look at it correctly.

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  1. Exactly. Nancy Grace can pontificate until her head explodes, but her opinion matters naught compared to a jury. Obama can pontificate and demonize his enemies, but it will not earn their votes. Everyone can speak, but no one has to listen.


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