Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ethical (fashion) dilemma

This morning while walking down the sidewalk I found myself many paces behind a woman in a blue dress. That, in and of itself, was utterly unremarkable. However, as I got closer and her shoulder-length hair swished to and fro across the back of the dress I noticed something white and rectangular peeking out from her hair along the neckline of the dress. Eventually I got close enough that I could make out that there was writing on the white rectangle. Numbers and letters.

It was, in fact, a price tag.

I then found myself pondering a minor dilemma. Should I alert her about this dangling price tag, so that perhaps she could at least tuck it inside the dress until she got to work? Or would the embarrassment actually be worse by having a stranger point it out on the street? Would I seem the conscientious good Samaritan or the creepy guy who was looking at her from behind?

By the time I was side by side with her it was pretty clear she was going inside the office building just across the street. Presumably once she got to the office some co-worker would mention it to her. No need for me to bother at that point.

Heck, for all I knew, this was some new style, not unlike leaving the tag on a baseball cap (which I've seen the young people do). As we well know, I am not one who keeps up with fashion trends.

And if it keeps me from seeming creepy, all the better.


  1. And in the background Roy Orbison is singing "Pretty Woman..."

    How bad is it that a man has to hold back being helpful at times because he'll be considered a creep? Such is our society today...

  2. Maybe it was Minnie Pearl, in which case that price tag was on purpose.


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