Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing Jon Stewart's point again

Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday morning for a 25-minute interview with Chris Wallace. I did not see the live show but watched the unedited interview later. Here it is:

Stewart offered an explanation for why ideologues—regardless of with which side they're aligned—wouldn't understand the distinction between what they do on The Daily Show and what they do on the 24-hour news networks. His reiterated thesis was that the mainstream media in general is not the liberal activist machine against which Fox News believes it is a balancing force, but is actually biased merely toward lazy sensationalism.

And then the Huffington Post's blurb about Stewart's appearance opened with the headline: "Jon Stewart LIVE On Fox News, Tells Host 'You're Insane'." Well, taking that one joking remark out of context certainly wouldn't be the sort of sensationalism that was Stewart's point in the interview they were reporting on, would it?

It's amazing that anyone who pays attention to TDS thinks Stewart is an activist for the left. Even Bill O'Reilly conceded that in Monday night's Talking Points. It must be that those in the media who like Stewart all perceive that the jabs at the media are pointed at everyone else but not at them.

Being in the media requires the same sort of delusion that is requisite for politics.

If Jon Stewart is an activist for anything, it's only for the non-delusional.

If you don't get that… then, well… you may draw your own conclusion. (Like you wouldn't anyway.)

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