Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bing and Facebook: the union of the uncool

The internet search—sorry, "decision" engine Bing has taken to touting how the search results it provides can reflect what one's Facebook "friends" have "liked."

This takes as its premise that one and one's friends (no quotes) are still (or ever were) actively using Facebook; further, conceding they are, that they have somehow been persuaded to click the Like button on pages for the sort of things for which one would be searching; further, it presumes that one's list of Facebook "friends" (which likely includes a number of mere acquaintances who were added without thinking) are the sort of people whose opinions should be trusted.

Personally, I'd prefer that those people do participate in the Facebook experience stick to posting vacation photos or noting a humorous anecdote or sharing an interesting link, and leave the search engine results to be based on the way they were intended: by having companies pay for the privilege of being listed first, and then based on how the dweebs who spend a lot of time on the internet have placed links to other sites—you know, in the hands of the powerful or complete strangers.

They're not going to get "Bing" to be made into a verb and replace "Google" in contemporary parlance by jumping on the Facebook bandwagon now.

We all know Microsoft will get people using it the way they're done with everything else: by integrating that into every piece of software that we're all already using; a dalliance with social networking is unnecessary for the behemoth, and frankly only makes them seem like the dorky old guy who tries to make the kids think he's cool because he references what the kids were into last season.

So apparently Bing is trying to appeal to dorky people who fancy they're still cool—which, to be fair, is still a sizeable demographic. Whether it's an attractive demographic to those advertising online may be another story, but I suppose it probably will be.

High school guidance counselors, you have found your search engine.

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