Monday, November 02, 2009

Do I dress up for Halloween? You have to ask?

Before I reveal what this year's Halloween costume was, for some reason it seems apropos to do a little costume recap of the last several years:

2004: Death takes a holiday

At a party, I'm a zombie pirate

And at the office, let's call it Jimmy Fallon with neck wound (and a tale of that)

(Yes, the same neck wound makeup used in both.)

At a party, I'm a zombie punker

And at the West Hollywood festivities on actual Halloween (with the story for that) I'm just kind of messed up:

2007 seems not to have been photographed. That, or the evidence has been destroyed.

2008: I'm a PC (and the story of it)

And for 2009?

That requires video...

This was my wife's handiwork. Literally.


So, what do you think?