Sunday, February 22, 2009


Because it is contractually obligated as residents of Los Angeles, we've had the E! network on TV for their pre-ceremony coverage. And just over the past ten minutes or so I have witnessed the following:

On the scroll along the bottom of the screen, one story (to the extent that those snippets tell a "story") that ran started with the words "Oh the irony...." And then what followed explained Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter of best-picture-nominee Milk--about a gay rights activist--revealed in an interview that he was lactose intolerant.

Minutes later, in a red carpet interview with best-actor-nominee Mickey Rourke, Ryan Seacrest pointed out the necklace around the actor's neck--a tribute to his recently deceased dog, Loki. And while Rourke was sharing a heartfelt moment about his beloved pet, Seacrest chimed in with "Incredible irony in losing Loki and getting nominated for this award." (To which Rourke noted the moment as being "bittersweet.")

I get the impression that on the job application for E! there is a question that says: "Can you identify genuine irony?"

If you answer "yes" then you are immediately procluded from being hired.

(Clearly, Mickey Rourke could not get a job there. Not that he would ever need resort to that.)

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