Sunday, February 15, 2009

Behind the wheel

To the motorists of Los Angeles:

When stopping at red lights, please continue to pull into the crosswalk. It's not really set aside for pedestrians like the DMV would have you believe; it's just ten extra feet for you to have to bring your vehicle to a full stop at the last possible moment.

We pedestrians don't mind having to walk around your car. We aren't bothered when you nearly run into us even when we have the green light. We grasp when you're behind the wheel you are relieved of paying attention to anyone else.

You certainly shouldn't feel the slightest need to modify your behavior, or even to comply with those silly laws.

We apologize for being in your way. We hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us for inconveniencing you by traveling on foot instead of being in another car.

What were we thinking? We really should learn to be more like you and not think.

Pleasant driving. Now please return to that cell phone call you were making...

1 comment:

  1. I don't own a car and so I usually get around on foot. My town is a lot smaller than LA but probably has as many idiots behind the wheel who think pedestrians are a nuisance.

    I would like to see rude drivers be forced to walk and see what's it's like. They would soon learn the big difference between pressing a gas pedal and pressing their luck on a crosswalk.

    Of course, maybe there's justice in the world. The rude drivers will someday get old and won't be allowed to drive. Then when they encounter the next generation of jerk drivers, they'll have all sorts of fun, especially with their slower reflexes.



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