Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a drag it isn't getting old

Over the weekend I was speaking to someone on the phone who followed up wishing me a happy birthday with a joke about how I am now older than dirt.

I quipped back, "Yeah, finally. Now I can embrace being a curmudgeon and tell that young dirt to get off my lawn." And I even shook my fist at nothing in particular to accentuate the moment even though the person on the other end would have no way of seeing. That's how committed I was.

And an obvious indication of how committed I need to be.


With age may come wisdom, but clearly I haven't gained enough to refrain from admitting such groaners to the internet-reading public.


  1. And will you be wearing an open robe when this happens, or...?

    I realized I had finally started to embrace my age when I would convey stories about me screaming at the neighborhood kids to friends and family that ended with me brandishing a broom in my housecoat, braless of course, or so I imagine it to be.


  2. It gets scary as you grow older and start to look more and more like your father.

    But it's really scary when you start to repeat your father's conservative comments and your mannerisms duplicate his...

    Gotta be genetic programming. Or revenge for all the trouble I caused as a kid. [G]



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