Thursday, January 08, 2009

Getting over it

There's a saying that recommends that you do something each day that scares you to spur personal growth. However, if we're talking things that truly inspire fear, conceivably it's a finite number of somethings that would qualify.

Now, admittedly, it's likely there'd be plenty of things, so it would take a while--years, possibly decades--but still, it stands to reason that if you kept on the suggested pace of one frightening task per day, eventually you would run out of things to be afraid of, and you would have to abandon the routine.

And missing doing the something each day--that probably would scare the crap out of you.

Maybe you want to pace yourself, and just do the scary things every other day. And as the list of fears grows shorter, perhaps spread it out to once a week. Thus, either you'd never run out of things, or when you do get to the end you wouldn't be quite going cold turkey.


Yes, that saying undoubtedly is best not deconstructed (or whatever the heck that was I did above). However, I like to think that doing so contributes to my personal growth. (No, I don't expect it to work for anyone else.)


  1. One scary thing each day? Between the stress and the risk, one would end up either with ulcers or just dead. Or worse yet, one could become an ulcerated corpse.


    PS: Scary? It's -15 degrees F outside my window.


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