Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spirit of the season / Making the effort

As I walked to lunch today I passed a group of people on the sidewalk who had two banners and were handing out some literature. As I got closer I saw indication they were LaRouche supporters, and one of the banners had the slogan "Impeach Obama" over a picture of the President with a Hitler mustache.

Meanwhile, about two-hundred yards from them, on a stage a jazz combo played a midday concert in honor of Kwanzaa.

I guess everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way.


Obviously Obama is not Hitler. (Standard joke for the conservatives: Hitler actually got people to do what he commanded. Ba-dump-chik!) Those who use this image are not deserving of constructive criticism. However, I can't help but think that if they're really striving to equate our command-in-chief with the Fuhrer they're missing what really made Hitler look crazy: His hair. If the doctored image of Obama had not only the little mustache (which, in and of itself, should connote Charlie Chaplin) but the shock of straight hair that always flopped on one side as Hitler gesticulated is what really made him seem ominous and deranged; the mustache just sat there on his upper lip, not doing anything particularly insane. The mustache alone is just lazy racism.

Of course, anyone asinine enough to pull that sort of idiocy to attempt to be ostensibly politically persuasive clearly lacks the brain power to research it better—and any education would likely persuade them about what a bad idea making that banner actually is.

If I keep this up, someday someone's going to have my face on a banner…

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  1. I agree, Dear Leader isn't nearly smart enough to be compared to Hitler. Maybe Robert Mugabe, though.


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