Sunday, December 05, 2010

McCain needs to come out

The ending of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as the official military policy about openly homosexual men and women serving is supported by the top brass, and even surveys of the rank and file shows it generally acceptable. Nonetheless, John McCain continues to oppose it.

The way he's fumbling for excuses makes me want to say: Senator, you've served the country. That's absolutely commendable. Still, it's time to come out of the proverbial closet on this and get it over with. Really, everybody's going to be okay with it.
And it will be way less embarrassing than if you're caught with a male prostitute or soliciting sex in a men's room later. Not that I think that's going to happen, but... well, there's something of an unfortunate precedent in these instances.

I'd never thought the Senator was gay—nor am I alleging that he is with that line above—but the only logical explanation for grasping at reasons to oppose it seems to be he has some personal issues to come to grips with in that arena. So, whatever those are—whether it involves proclivities he has suppressed or not—need to be brought to his own light.

It's not for the country's benefit; it's for his own.


  1. I agree, McCain needs to shut up about it. It just makes him look odd, with his lesbian daughter.

    Democrats don't like McCain because he's not a Democrat. Republicans don't like him because he's not a conservative. I think he's a brave man who suffered a lot for his country in Vietnam. But I don't think he's a very good politician.

  2. Democrats don't like McCain because he's not a Democrat - true. Republicans don't like McCain because he's not a conservative - false. They don't like him because he lost, and because he can't make up his mind on what he believes in. Does he believe in what he says, or does he believe in getting re-elected? The man cannot decide what he believes in.

    Also, Dick Cheney's daughter is the lesbian. McCain's daughter is straight, as far as anyone can really know.


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