Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congress is a tough room

Last week Stephen Colbert testified in front of a Congressional committee, and it was a horrible waste. See for yourself:

It wasn't a waste of the government's time; let's not pretend that Congress' time is that well spent.

No, it was a waste of some pretty funny material by Colbert. The committee and the others in the room didn't even chuckle. (Well, the room did give one modest laugh at the end.) They acted like they have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever.

Ah, it's all making sense now.

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  1. Sure, Colbert is funny, but I don't think "testifying" before Congress is a proper venue for comedy. Especially when we're talking about illegal immigration. Colbert deliberately confuses "immigrant" with "illegal immigrant". I don't mind "immigrants" who are here legally. I do mind "immigrants" who are here illegally. And corporate farms often deliberately exploit illegals, paying them little or nothing for their labor, because the illegals have little leverage. I would be happy to pay more, a lot more, for food that's not grown and harvested by exploiting illegals. And I would be very happy if the federal government would do its job, enforce the borders, and deport illegal immigrants. They're welcome here if they come here legally. If they're here illegally, they need to leave. Now.


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