Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Alternate ruminations: Quasi-politics edition

Think back to 2008. Remember that election thingie? Now imagine that the McCain/Palin ticket had convinced more voters to cast ballots for them and they were now in the White House.

Question 1: How bored would Sarah Palin be by having to actually govern and not be able to Twitter?

Question 2: Would she have quit by this point to focus on tweeting and thus exerting more influence over politics than the VP does?


Regardless of your opinion of the actual results of the last election, can we all agree that if Palin were ever to run for president and get into the Oval Office that it would be a step down in power from what she wields now (at least ostensibly so)?


Speaking of TV punditry: When will the Emmys recognize the cable news shows? Shouldn't the likes of Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann be recognized for their contribution to farcical entertainment?

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