Friday, September 10, 2010

Fahrenheit Four-Fifty-Whaaa

It's too late for this latest incident, but for future reference: Perhaps the best way to stop bigoted idiots from burning books (or merely threatening to do so) is to ignore them, rather than turn their ploy into a national media event (which presumably is exactly what they want).

Oh, who am I kidding? With multiple 24-hour cable news networks and the entire blogosphere out there these days just waiting to be baited by such egregious attention grabs and those outlets having nothing but time to fill, they're just primed to keep being manipulated, which will only cause these stunts to continue.

Eventually only the morons will be heard.



  1. True enough. Have you put your "Kill Your TV" sticker on your car yet?

  2. TV? First let's deal with Twitter (which is how that whole situation got started). There's still plenty more non-cable news channels on television that have worthy programming to write off the entire medium.



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