Sunday, October 05, 2014

Claim to fame: Your source for that one 3D Picnic song's lyrics

After a decade of having the blahg the main thing it has had to show for existing is being referenced as an authority for the world's largest corn dog. There are other posts that get a reasonable number of hits as well, certainly, but the corn dog is the star.

However, I've found that something else distinctive I've done with it is when years ago I took the time to transcribe the lyrics to a song. With the many websites that focus on song lyrics you'd think there'd be no way I would need to go to such effort, but with the relatively obscure L.A. band from the late '80s/early '90s called 3D Picnic their catalog didn't appear to garner attention on such sites. But their quirky punk roots rock was right up my alley.

Back in January of 2011 I posted the lyrics to their song "Charles Thinks About It" which is rather blithely optimistic in its tone (unlike much of the music from that era) during a time when I would post snippets of lyrics in a "Lyrics du Jour" segment (which was no daily). With that song, however, I was inspired to include them in their entirety. It just seemed worth doing, even though it involved that old school method of listening to the verses over and over.

There wasn't much response when the post first went up (unsurprisingly) but well over a year later I got a comment from a woman who identified herself as someone who directed a movie back in the day that used the the song. So that was kind of cool.

Then more years pass until… last month. I got another comment on the post from someone who identified herself as Carolyn Soyars, and noting in the comment she was in the band. (My CD's are in the storage unit so I cannot refer to the booklet but I believe the bass player was named Carolyn. In any case, I can't imagine that's the sort of thing someone would claim unless it was true.) Her remarks were that she thought it nice and cool I'd done so, and how that was one of her favorite songs by Dallas Don (the guitarist and lead singer who wrote the song).

Which was both nice of her and really cool.

I guess this suggests the extremely specific portion of online denizens who may search for "3D Picnic" will get my post in their search results. That wasn't my aim when I posted it, but certainly I have no problem with that association. (I never saw the band live, but their albums are ones I still enjoy very much. They definitely deserved better than what they got.)

When it comes to a quasi-claim to fame for the blahg, "world's largest corn dog" and a good 3D Picnic song are not bad.

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