Monday, March 28, 2011

Rockin' the Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a very pleasant place to hear music performed. The amphitheater dug into the side of a hill has areas for picnicking, and, on a clear night, a nice view. The last several performances of classical music we've seen have been at that venue.

Recently I saw a listing for an upcoming show scheduled for the Bowl: Poison and Motley Crue (with openers the New York Dolls). Yes, those glam metal bands who were popular in the '80s are co-headlining at the same place where the L.A. Philharmonic holds their summer concerts.

Is this denigrating for the Bowl? No. They've held concerts with rock bands before.

Is this denigrating to the fans of the bands? No. It's merely admitting that those who were apt to frequent the Rainbow Room or the Whiskey 25 years ago are now more inclined to sip a nice bottle of pinot than down shots, which they should already know.

Is this denigrating to the kids of today, listening to what is considered the hardcore music of the day? Yes, because they don't realize that in a few decades they'll be sipping chardonnay and paying through the nose to recapture the period they're experiencing now.


  1. I've only seen the Hollywood Bowl in Bugs Bunny cartoons. It must be a neat venue, though. And snotty classical fans can just stay home that night when decent bands are there.

  2. Marvin bez too much a youngin' to remember when Jed Clampett 'twere bein' flim-flammed into buyin' The Bowl.


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