Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lisp-ening to This American Life

Sometimes when I listen to This American Life and hear a writer tell his or her own story I think, I wish I had an anecdote that has both light humor and subtle profundity to tell.

However, then I realize that even if I did I couldn't get on the program; my voice, while certainly not one that would be considered good for radio, does not include even a hint of a lisp, and from what I can tell when it comes to writers telling their own stories the lack of a lisp is a deal breaker.

Ba-dump-chik. Sort of.


  1. Yes, you must be gay and Jewish to host "This American Life." If you want to appear on the show, it also helps to be gay and Jewish. If you want to be on NPR at all, it helps to be gay - and Jewish. I think the only hard and fast requirement, though, is that you must be flamingly liberal. Being gay and Jewish kind of fall into place, then. ;-)

  2. Zoinks! Ira Glass better keep his wife and atheism under wraps or else he'll get fired.

    There's a lot of that going around public radio these days...

  3. Gay or Jewish is fine, actually. And Ira would be a Jew even if he prayed to bread mold every morning.


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