Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Get in the tank (Green Police)

I recently saw again the commercial Audi aired during the Super Bowl which featured the tune of Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" reworked as "Green Police" and used as the theme for a fictional troop of ecological law enforcers hauling people away for choosing plastic bags at the grocery store or throwing a used battery in the garbage or drinking from plastic water bottles. The end of the ad features a traffic stop where all the cars are held up except one: an Audi "clean diesel" that is allowed to speed down the road.

It's reasonably clever, not merely for the use of the song and for lampooning overzealous environmentalism, but for appealing in a quasi-ironic way to those same environmentally conscious consumers that it just lightly mocked.

We've reached the point where a commercial can make fun of something and tout its importance simultaneously.

And thus we've reached the point where I can appreciate that dichotomy while acknowledging its absurdity.


The best thing for the environment would be for everyone to stop driving altogether, but that's farther than Audi would like this taken.


  1. Clearly false advertising, since Audis are terribly unreliable. If anything's going to be actually moving in that traffic, it will be that Toyota Camry on the right. ;-)

  2. Gee, Audi telling people to stop driving? Why, that would be like British Petroleum saying BP now means Beyond Petroleum in a series of ads, that it's going green by investing in solar energy and all that good stuff. That would never happen, huh?


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