Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another universal truth

When you hear a stranger playing loud music, be it the driver in the car next to you at a red light, a house party a few doors down, or a guy blasting out the speakers on his mobile device, there is one aspect of that scenario that is always true:

What's coming out of those speakers is never Beethoven, Mozart, or anything you'd hear on a classical radio station.

(That's not where you expected that was going, was it?)

Is this because those classical works don't sound good coming out of the sort of sound systems typically employed in those scenarios? Perhaps. Is it because listening to those pieces are better suited for a concert hall environment (regardless of the quality of the sound system used)? Perhaps.

Or is it that self-centered a-holes always lack any taste in music? Or maybe there's some subliminal aspect to crappy music that inspires a-holes to think sharing it with all within earshot is a good idea?

Ah, so many questions…


  1. I'm thinking of buying (or building) an EMP cannon like they used on "Leverage" the other night. Fire it at the boom car next to you, and it kills his whole electrical system. I like it.

  2. Ever hear hardcore music? Saturday night it was radiating throughout Main Street from a show of local "talent." Banging as beat, screaming as singing. And it has to be LOUD. Just to get the old folks upset. Today's youth invented rebellion, you know.

    I've always had this hope that some anal aperture would vibrate the lug nuts off the wheels of his car while speeding down the highway. As long as no one else gets hurt, of course.


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