Thursday, May 04, 2006

Perhaps resistance was futile


Today at work an email was sent to the entire staff (hundreds of people) to alert everyone to a celebration occurring in the office tomorrow, honoring those people for whom this is their fifth year. Here is the abbreviated text of that message:


Shake those maracas and wear your sombreros, this Friday is Cinco de Mayo and we would like to treat everyone to some delicioso churros .... honor our cinco año anniversary employees with ... a slice of some delicioso Flan and Gelatina de tres colores (Mexican jello-cake).... We will also have fresh home-made salsa and chips (Mexican style) in every lounge for everyone to enjoy a little picante!.

Now, I will note up front that am of neither Mexican nor French heritage, and to be completely honest, I lack any emotional association with what Cinco de Mayo celebrates (at least ostensibly). I am as much a fan of free food as the next person, and I'm willing to offer my sympathy--er, my congratulations to those who've lasted half a decade, but I really wonder if General Ignacio Zaragoza would have bothered with the Battle of Puebla had he known 144 years later the whole of Mexican culture would be boiled down to maracas and sombreros in an email (could he have forseen such technological advances, that is).

Maybe he'd just rather the office party encourage everyone to wear berets and... uh, be rude.

(Sorry. No good French stereotypes came to mind. Apparently it was best that the Mexican resistance triumphed in 1862, if for no other reason than it allows for easier misappropriation of the fifth of May.)

I'm glad the email clarified--for people who live in Los Angeles--that the chips for the salsa would be Mexican style. We're really not that familiar with this Mexican culture stuff here.

And as shown, the message did end with a period after the exclamation point. I'm not sure that warrants a [sic].

Man, I could use a cervesa. (Tequila would have been too obvious, don't you think?)

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