Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our first Emmys as parents

The older and more mobile our infant gets the more we as parents have to do on the weekends and the less time we have for "premium" TV (and in the evenings during the week the little time we have for watching we aren't really looking for anything other than light fare).

So, much as we'd aspire to catch up with the second season of Orange Is the New Black or the FX Fargo series, we won't be getting to those anytime soon (and certainly not before tomorrow's Emmys). Heck, we only finished up the last two episodes of the recent season of Louie a few weeks ago, months after they aired.

If the final season of Breaking Bad had not concluded while we were only expecting it's possible we still might not have seen it. And the last half of Mad Men's final season next year we may not see until our son heads off to kindergarten.

We had a good run being TV viewers (I wrote about it enough over the years to suggest that), but as any parent can tell you, that coming to an end was inevitable.

So at tomorrow's Emmys we will have little to no idea who might be deserving of awards… although that may be for the best, as even when one has seen the nominated shows it's not necessarily the case the deserving ones win. We can have the telecast on and pay what modicum of attention we can while attending to our little guy and other parenting needs, having no emotional stake in much.

Which is how it should be anyway. We should like what we like irrespective of whether a bunch of biased voters applaud those shows or not and not care when they don't, and much as I like to think we were already of that mindset perhaps only by becoming parents has that completely sunk in.

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