Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amusing an infant

The best part of being a parent at this phase of our son's development is discovering what silly gestures I make elicit a gleeful giggle from him.

Lately the gestures are:

With him lying down and me standing up, I take the palms of my hands and swirl them in circles of alternating directions while slowly bringing my hands down toward his chest; while doing that I make a woo-woo-woo-woo sound in time with the speed of my hands. When my hands get to his chest I dance my fingers down to his tummy.

He loves that.

Another thing I've done from time to time is the unnecessary zoom (a la Wayne's World). Again, with him lying down, I step back and then swoop in so my face ends up next to his face with an accompanying "whoa" sound.

He squeals with delight over that.

It's marvelous.

I know there's a limited window for when my silliness is so amusing to him, so I'm trying to really appreciate these moments now. That may be the benefit we have from being parents later than many others we know; we've been tipped off to savor what we have as best we can.

Even in the months since his birth so much has changed, and in the beginning we were too overwhelmed to get the most out of what those earliest days offer. He'll probably be mobile in a matter of months (if not weeks) so we're in a bit of a golden period where he can laugh but before we're too tired from chasing after him to have the energy to make him laugh (and then it will move on eventually to the point where nothing we do will be to his liking).

But these moments now are pretty amazing.

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