Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Get the Kinks out: Where all the good times went

The other day in the break room at the office I quoted "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?" and one of the other people in the room (11 years my junior) had not heard of the Kinks. It's not that she merely hadn't heard that song of theirs; she drew a blank at the mention of the band altogether.

I grant the British Invasion is about five decades behind us, but the brothers Davies and the rest of the guys still get played on the radio, don't they?

Oh yeah. No one listens to the radio anymore.

They probably don't even know the Van Halen cover, from 31 years ago.

I wasn't even born when the original was released in 1965, and still:
I am old.

While I know that, I wasn't expecting such a reminder while standing at the water cooler. So the lesson: Keep your pop culture references to yourself when you're at work.

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