Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I have this vague recollection of some international event in the recent past that caused me to be emotionally invested, but now I cannot quite remember what or why.

You'd think that something that so dominated my attention for a couple weeks would have a lingering effect, but apparently not.

Only the stakes of nations competing can draw us in to obsessively follow the sports that lack powerful organized leagues. The rest of the time it's merely athletes trying to do their best for themselves, and how can we care about that?

Let us know when our jingoistic insecurities can play out on the field or the pool or that mat where they do gymnastics, etc.

The rest of the time we can only give a sh*t about overpaid professionals around whom we can build fantasy leagues.


If the Olympic athletes don't hurry up and get a reality show the fame with the American public they have achieved over the course of the London games will utterly fade, and we won't think of them again until Rio in 2016.

They shouldn't wait several decades and marry someone whose daughter parlayed a sex tape into a career. Strike while the proverbial iron is hot.

If they don't get on TV that will suggest they are devoted to their sports, and clearly the American audience has a very fleeting appreciation for that.

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