Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A face for radio (and podcasts)

When I hear people who are on-air contributors on the radio or podcasts, invariably I concoct in my mind some mental image of what they look like. When eventually I see a photo of these people (which, thanks to the internet, is rather easily accomplished—often whether I specifically seek that out or not), they rarely resemble the picture of them I had in my head. And frankly, other than usually getting their gender-specific qualities right, my mind tends to come up with something that wasn't even in the proverbial ballpark.

You'd think eventually my mind would realize people's faces don't match their voices and demeanors and it should abandon coming up with these images, or at least take its first try and then go almost the opposite way, but no, it just keeps doing it.

As my brain cannot stop needing to have something to associate with these voices, the only alternative is to explicitly avoid photos of these people at all costs. Then they always look precisely as I expect.

Someday there'll be holograms or something so we'll never not know what these people look like. My mind will be so disappointed.


  1. Who's that old geezer on NPR who's always talking about sports on Wednesdays? Frank Deford. I wish I'd never seen him. He gives me the creeps, he looks like such a corpse.

  2. An NPR reference.

    Who are you and what have you done with Marvin?

  3. Precisely as I envisioned you'd look, Ray.


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