Monday, January 30, 2006

Big Brother is listening... finally

Mere moments ago on tonight's episode of "The Daily Show" they were doing a story about the censored version of Google that launched in China, and here was the introduction to the piece:

"Tonight the Daily Show looks at information, and the latest bold attempts to keep it from spreading. First up... Google. Long the world's most popular way to get news, do research, and find out that your entire 38 years on this planet can be summed up in 17 hits..."

Very funny. But how did they know I just turned 38? I mean, they could have selected any age, but they chose the one I am now (as of 4 days ago--and this is the first episode since then).

While the government may be wire-tapping our phones, I fear that the writers of "The Daily Show" are keeping tabs on me to be the focus of their viewer references.

Actually, that would be pretty cool. So, I suppose I only fear they'll move on to someone else for this sort of thing, and my time in the spotlight (not that anyone else would recognize it) will end.

Egad. I really need to make something of my life, don't I? Let me do a Google search on myself to see what I am. Oh wait. I don't need to have my ego decimated that much. "17"? I wish...

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