Thursday, December 15, 2005


Intersection of Hollywood and Highland, facing east, looking at the seasonal decorations and the Scientology sign.

Anybody know what holiday the Scientologists celebrate? Oh, sorry. None of my readers make enough money to know the answer to that.


  1. Mmmmm, scientology.
    So, was that a jab at scientologists, or your readers?
    I'm thinking of taking up some crazy religion of the sort... any suggestions?
    Anyway, just passing through, wasting my time.

    "Tom you gotta come out of the closet, oh my god!"
    -John Travolta

  2. R Kelly will be our savior! Closets for everyone, regardless of... lifestyle.

    (Interesting footnote: I took the shot before the episode of South Park involving Scientologists, and the quote in ale.x's comment. Okay, only interesting if one's definition of "interesting" is pretty vague.)

  3. That sorry indiscretion has been changed. Thanks for pointing that shit out. I usually try to avoid things like that but... you know... muscle memory and all. I used to be one of those grammar assholes in high school, too. But, sadly, you lose all grasp of all languages when you start studying to be an engineer.


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