Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So this kind of qualifies as getting published

For those of you who wondered why I don't write something for somewhere other than my own web space here (and bless your heart for thinking of me when you weren't contractually obligated to do so), below is a link to the Black Table website, who (inexplicably) put up something I submitted to them:


(scroll down a bit; it's the second-to-last item on "The Black List" for 11/2/05).

It's called getting good mileage out of the material, people.


  1. Grats captain angry pants.

  2. the above comment reminds me of a Cocteau Twins song I heard once...

  3. Well, at least two people got past the word verification...

  4. 1) Proof that I do (and more importantly, can) read. 2) Being on the other side of the "Pond" has made me lose out on the forwards you have mentioned in your publicly published blurb. 3) Congratulations (I suppose?).

  5. George Carlin told me himself that he appreciates your comments, and he reads "Dougressions" insistently. “They are a source of inspiration for his musings”. Well, he didn’t tell me that, but I read it on the internet so it must be true… right?


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