Thursday, June 29, 2006

TGIF... kinda

Someone at work today made some remark about it being Thursday, with the implication that it was one day until Friday, and then the weekend. However, I don’t approach the reprieve from the office to be an intrinsic cause for such glee. It’s not that I love work that much—that’s certain—but I harbor lower expectations for the Monday through Friday period than for the two days when I’m not obligated to sit in front of a computer for eight hours.

For example, when a Thursday ends up crappy, I can blame that on the buffoons to whom I must answer to get a paycheck, but when a Saturday goes awry, that was probably (at least in part) my own doing; I chose to do (or not do) whatever made that day suck. Left to my own devices, I completely fucked it up, without any help from the daily grind.

Now, I’m not suggesting my weekends routinely go poorly, but that has happened (not often but it has). For me, were I to go in expecting the weekend to be intrinsically good just because I didn’t have to go to work and it didn’t pan out that way, it would seem worse than the typical bad weekday even if it was actually better than the weekday (by some theoretical objective standard).

They only give me two days off a week, and why would I want to increase the odds of them going wrong (relatively speaking) by getting overly excited by their approach? Either they turn out well and I enjoy them while that’s happening or they don’t, and then I don’t.

My life’s stressful enough without turning anticipation into the enemy.

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