Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sunday night lights

Last Sunday night I found myself at Goodwin Field on the campus of Cal State Fullerton for the last game of the College World Series regional tournament, which pitted the Titans of Fullerton against the Bulldogs of Fresno State. (Both schools are CSUF when you analyze their initials.)

Here's some shots from the game, which prove how inadequate my little digital camera is for such events.

Due to TV coverage from other games around the country earlier in the day, the game didn't even start until about 9:10 p.m. And at the stroke of midnight, the game was only at the top of the 7th inning (as shown in the last shot).

At least the snack bar was still open.

Suffice it to say I got home rather late for a "school night"--especially for something that technically featured my alma mater's arch-rival. (Fullerton knocked Long Beach State out of tournament contention by sweeping them in the last week of the regular season.) Even though Fullerton rolled to an easy 10-3 victory, we stuck around until the end. Why? Because that's what you're supposed to do at a baseball game!

What's particularly sad: In all the years I attended Long Beach State (and in the subsequent decade where I've continued to live very close to it), I never attended a game at Blair Field where the Dirtbags (as the LB team is called) were playing, but now I've seen their biggest rival--and rooted for them (because, well, I have no pleasant associations with Fresno).

They're going to kick me out of the Long Beach State alumni association. Oh wait. I've been trying to get them to stop pestering me for money for years. Um... go Titans!

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