Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fun with blasphemy

F tried to muster the will to do what he knew he should. He didn’t try that hard, really, but such was to be expected; the difference between wanting to do something and feeling obligated to do something is action. Were he genuinely inspired to do what he should, it would move into the other category, and cease to be what he should do and become what he did (with the implication of want). Ultimately, it boiled down to the disparity between what he wanted to do and what others wanted him to do, and their reasons tended to be less than inspiring.

The easiest thing in the world is to expect someone else to do something; it requires virtually no effort.

F had not thanked God for the day, as someone he passed on the street suggested (to no one specifically, as best F could tell). He figured, being God and achieving all of creation in basically a week, that this particular day wasn’t such a big accomplishment for God. F didn’t mean to be sacrilegious; he just thought God wasn’t so needy that He required constant reassurance that He was doing a good job. F didn’t get thanked for doing what he’d done every day. That was merely expected of him. So, if keeping the universe going was strenuous for God, he would throw some specific gratitude to the Big Man Upstairs, but otherwise he was just going to take it for granted.

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