Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tiny triumphs: Skipping the commercials

You know what's surprisingly awesome? When one is watching a show recorded on one's DVR and one gets to the commercials and one presses that button on the remote that advances in 30-second increments, but one presses it multiple times so it advances multiple 30-second increments all at once. And then just as it resumes normal playback it's at the exact point where the commercials are over and the program is coming back.

If you think that's as simple as pressing the button four times (to amount to two minutes) I can assure you from years of experience that many breaks are longer than that. Also, depending on the show and the break in question it will be much more. The Colbert Report, for example, has breaks of varying lengths, and the last one (after the guest but before he says good night and the credits roll) can be almost four minutes. I think.

But the point is that when the playback hits at the sweet spot where the commercials are perfectly skipped it seems like one has accomplished something far greater than one really has.

Trust me.

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  1. Remember "Commercial Skip" on the old VCRs and the first-generation DVRs? That got sued out of existence by the advertising industry. That's so sad.


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