Saturday, March 03, 2012

These aren't the droids you're looking for

Today fabulous my wife surprised me. All week she'd been talking about it, making sure I didn't have to work this weekend so we could do the surprise. When we left the house this morning I honestly didn't even know where we were going. (I won't go into the story she told or the things that I went through to keep up the ruse to keep me from guessing.)

And where did we end up? At the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana to see the exhibit of costumes, props, and models from the Star Wars movies. (Yep, we're geeky enough to do that, but not so geeky that we made it to the exhibit any time since November when it opened.)

Although I only had my cell phone I still took a bunch of photos, including some artistic attempts at:
Tight shot of stormtrooper costume.

Millennium Falcon butt.
AT-AT butt.
Stormtrooper blaster prop. (They have scopes. Really.)
And there's more over on the photo site. If you have some interest in the front of things, click on over. The Force might be with you. Eh, stranger things have happened.

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  1. VERY cool. The blaster rifles are old British WW2 Stens. Or Sterlings, can't remember. Stens, probably - they were cheaper, made out of stamped steel like the old M3 Grease Gun.


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