Saturday, February 04, 2012

Camera-less at the Magic Kingdom

In the last post I talked about a recent trip to Disneyland. Something of extremely modest note about that: I took my trusty Canon S3 camera, but did not even take it out of the case in which I carry it. That didn't go to waste, per se; with that strapped over my shoulder, it provided something on which I could hang my jacket during the warm afternoon.

I did snap a few shots with my phone's camera, and even used that for the photo the waiter took of us in the Blue Bayou (which was slightly out of focus, but oh well).

Walking around Disneyland I was not inspired to want to pull out a regular camera. It was either the convenience of this device I had in my pocket, or it wasn't worth bothering. After so many trips to the Magic Kingdom, most everything falls into the already-took-pictures-of-it-before category.

My wife thinks I should get a new camera, given that I got the S3 back in 2007. Whether that would offer renewed enthusiasm for photography is, I suppose, possible. But given how I used to sometimes not enjoy the moments because I was too busy trying to capture an image of the moment, I'm not sure it's altogether a bad thing that I didn't pull out the camera the entire day.

A new camera might serve only to put me back into that removed position to experience.


 Photos mostly need serve to be reminders of what happened, not be great art.

Maybe I merely need a better camera on my phone.


Okay, here's the one quasi-artsy shot I took (with my phone) while in line for Star Tours:
Five seconds of being back on the photography bandwagon.


  1. It's good that you experienced the day instead of taking pictures of it. I'm guilty of distancing myself with a camera. Time to sell that decrepit old S3, though. ;-)

  2. But how do you deal with the times when you're into imaging and a nagging girlfriend wants you to hurry along? My solution is to involved her in the process. Give her a camera? No, use her as a tripod.

  3. And I agree -- that's a good image. Neonastic!


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