Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Throwing "Under the bus" under the bus

Reason to keep my brain occupied at all times #1130:

Who was ever literally thrown under a bus such that the expression not only started but caught on so well rhetorically as a metaphor?

And how tricky must it have been to time the throw such that the bus driver would not be able to stop or swerve? The trajectory of the throw would have to keep the body low so the bus' front bumper would not catch the person and make the thrown victim not so much under the bus but merely dragged in front of the bus.

Which certainly would be bad, but that's not the metaphor.

Rhetorical expressions are probably best not analyzed.


  1. I miss "thrown to the wolves," myself. Modern society doesn't have enough wolves. It makes people lax.

  2. My Dad used to say "He's so nice ya couldn't beat him with a stick!" and I was always thinking "But if he's so nice, why would you think of beating him with a stick?" In any case, I've done my best not to associate nice people with sticks in any way..

  3. Don't forget: Hitler missed the bus.


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