Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bring on the next Rapture

Remember this, crackpots: If you have an absurd apocalyptic prediction and can afford some billboards, you too can garner massive attention for yourself. And you won't care that most of it will be mockery, because, as noted, you're crackpots.

I look forward to the seeing who will emerge as the next one of you who captures our lust for irony while tapping into our unconscious fears that Armageddon could be real. Clearly the media and the internet will not be able to get enough of you.

We live in a time of fascinating symbiosis between the crackpots and the media (including the blogosphere/Twittersphere, etc.), where both seem to only reinforce the other even more. If one were to go away it would spell a serious blow and possibly be a figurative end of the world for the other.


  1. That would explain quite a bit.

    But I should clarify that I was including myself in there--although I've never denied being a crackpot; I merely am not good enough at it to get much attention.


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