Monday, May 02, 2011

O_ama Headline

Unless one has been living in a cave (get it?) one heard the news last night (or this morning) about the covert mission that killed Osama bin Laden. What's more interesting is how the newspaper editors chose to handle that for the morning editions. One I saw said "Osama bin Laden dead, Obama reports"—perhaps hedging on the side of We're not 100% sure but the President said it on TV so we'll attribute it to him at this point; another declared "United States kills bin Laden"—going for the national vengeance angle, where it was not an elite group of commandos but the whole country.

Was it not destined that after the election of 2008 we would reach this day when "Osama" and "Obama" would end up in the same headline? Editors must have been salivating at the chance for the last two years.

Had the mission not taken place before next November they'd have had to make sure the President got reelected if for no other reason than to have another four years for bin Laden to die while Obama was still in office.


But perhaps the timing of this was more due to the fact that everyone—likely including Prince William and his new bride—was glad to have the Royal Wedding coverage interrupted.


Oh, come now—this is the sort of inappropriate slant on such events you should already expect from me. You have no room to be disappointed.


  1. Do you have comment moderation enabled? I just posted two comments but no indication if they went through.

  2. OK, I found the problem. Stupid Firefox won't let me post but Google Chrome will. Anyway, here's why I'm been trying to post for the last fifteen minutes:

    * * *

    I enjoy inappropriate slants, especially when it comes to that elitist scum, the royals. (Too bad the IRA weren't invited.)

    But they say Osama's corpse was dumped in the middle of the ocean. Let the conspiracy theories run rampant!

  3. Nice background!

    I agree, it's been fun to watch the TV ninnies getting the names mixed up, especially when they've been huge Obama boosters from the beginning.

  4. Ray, I don't pretend to be a browser expert. I do generally use Firefox when posting, but that may have no bearing on anything. Glad you found something that worked.

    Thanks for noticing the blahg's new look, Marvin.


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