Thursday, March 24, 2011


On the topic the 2012 Republican presidential nomination and specifically of Mitt Romney having a reputation of shifting his positions to suit the audience (which all politicians must do, but for him it's a liability because what he's saying now seems merely to comply with current Republican views), a panelist on this political podcast quipped this was seen by many as "a deeper character flaw than merely the character flaw that allows you to be in politics."

It is something I've long believed: There must be something wrong with your personality to want to be in a position of power or authority.

Not that we don't all have something wrong with us, and not that we don't need some people to step up and be in charge, but that still doesn't alleviate the situation of our leaders being flawed and that flaw being why we allow them to be our leaders.

And what that says about the flaws of the rest of us is probably obvious.


  1. Mitt's too much like Bill Clinton (to me) to be trustworthy. Plus he's a Mormon, which means he's willing to believe anything, no matter how stupid it is. Me, I like Giuliani. He says what he thinks and he has reasons for what he thinks. And I don't think he cares too much about opinion polls. He's not much of a triangulator.

  2. But I agree, we should not have elections anymore - we should pick leaders like we pick juries, by random selection. We would probably do better.


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