Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, Friday

The inane lyrics of what I presume is the chorus of the now played-out pop culture meme known as Rebecca Black's "Friday"—namely, "Friday, Friday / Getting' down on Friday / Everybody's looking forward to the weekend"—do reveal a particularly adept assessment of life in that early teens period. At that age, one need not start to anticipate the weekend until the Friday immediately preceding it.

By adulthood we are looking forward to the next weekend before the current weekend is over.


And if we have a buttload of laundry and a bunch of housework to do, we may not be looking forward to the weekend all that much.


By middle age our aspirations for "getting down on Friday" are probably the literal act of assuming a reclined position so we can get some sleep.


"Partying, partying [Yawn]"

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