Sunday, May 20, 2007


Getting little in the way of feedback from my readership, I can only speculate about what people might be curious regarding this site. Thus, I offer Frequently Unasked Questions (a.k.a. FUQs):

FUQ #1: Why don't you compose more satirical pieces?

I'd like to blame that on the readers, who often seem to miss the wry elements of the posts that have been done. If they're not picking up on the slight subtlety of those, it seems imprudent to throw full-fledged irony at them and expect they'll interpret it as the opposite of what I actually think.

However, such suggestions do not lay the blame where it belongs. Really, I don't write more satire because I'm simply not that clever (as evidenced by this answer).


FUQ #2: Why don't you try to be funny in a more straight-ahead manner, a la Dave Barry?

I am not completely bereft of cleverness.

(I'm being unnecessarily critical of Mr. Barry's work, which is not warranted considering I have several of his books. I even did a paper on him in my Journalism and Literature class years ago, wherein I lauded his worth as a writer.

On second thought, the snarky criticism may be entirely warranted.)

Eh, let's just conclude I'm not funny in a straight-ahead way. Not consistently, at least.


FUQ #3: Do you really think "FUQ" is funny?

It's probably somewhat scatological for those inclined to think about it. So, yes, slightly funny. Ever so slightly.

Okay, not anymore.


FUQ #4: Given how much you post photos now, what is your philosophy about taking pictures?

Buildings and trees and clouds and sunsets may not be innovative when it comes to subject matter, but they don't ever complain about the way they look in the shot.

Also, they tend to remain still long enough to take the picture without using the flash. Using the flash is occasionally necessary. But it rarely makes for worthwhile shots.

Making a shot seem artsy is simply a matter of putting the subject off-center.

With photography, it's easier to get away with not really knowing what one is doing than it tends to be the case with writing. That works in my favor, to be certain.


FUQ #6: Do you really think every post is of interest to every reader?

Of course not.

I don't think any post is of interest to any reader.

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