Saturday, April 28, 2007


Witnessed yesterday:

The first jacaranda blooms of the spring.*

(For those who missed it, please review last year's jacaranda project. For those who saw it and are trying to supress the memory of it, then, well, don't.)

Where did I spot this?

Where else? Yes, downtown L.A.

(Granted, spending five days a week there, with a row of jacaranda trees next to where I enter the office, it's not that surprising this would be the spot.)

(Yes, that tree is the same one featured in this shot from last year. However, it is the tree that bloomed first this year. I wish merely to make it clear I am not obsessed with this one single tree.)

("Obsession" is a bit strong a term, I think.)

What intrigued me (predictably): Of all the trees along that street, this one not only had a good number of blooms, it was the only tree with any blooms. At all.

(I didn't take any shots of the rest of the trees on the street. I have some consideration for you, gentle reader. Well, after this recent post about one tree blooming or not blooming while others around do or don't, I have learned to be considerate. Okay, I have learned, some of the time, to just let it go.)

They're trees. It happens.

And for this one, it has happened.

(Yep, you're not as excited as I am about that. And you're tired of these asides. So I'll note that I'm not planning a Jacaranda-palooza 2007 to put your mind at ease, and bid you good day.)

(I said good day, sir.)

* The first I'd seen, that is; I'm not suggesting this is the first tree to sprout the purple flowers anywhere.

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  1. For the curious, the title of today's post is attempting to refernce the Coachella Music Festival, going on this weekend out in the desert. Where I am, quite happily, not.


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