Sunday, September 17, 2006

TV Party: The Judas crib

While flipping around channels this afternoon (not much point in watching the Chargers destroy the Titans, even if Vince Young is playing), I caught an episode of MTV Cribs featuring baseball player Johnny Damon. According to the episode guide, it aired in April of 2005, which means it was filmed most likely some time after the end of the 2004 season, after he was part of the World Series winning Boston Red Sox.

In the episode, he takes a moment to spotlight a painting hanging in his house, imposing players from the Red Sox on to the famous painting of the Last Supper (prints of which are apparently for sale... still), where Damon is the one portraying Jesus. (I'm assuming he was proud to be part of the team, not as narcissistic as having it up in his own house might imply.) He later closes the segment, with his family taking their boat out on the lake next to their home, by exclaiming "Go Sox!"

As anyone who follows sports (not merely baseball) knows, after the end of the 2005 season, Damon signed with the New York Yankees (arch-rival of the Red Sox), which made him a betrayor in the eyes of Boston fans--a "Judas," if you will. (I didn't come up with that; I'm neither a Red Sox nor a Yankees fan.) I'm sure someone has already commented on how Damon was mis-represented in that painting, but it seems particularly embarrassing for him when watching the episode now (a mere year and a half later).

Mostly, watching his segment I found myself thinking, especially after he put such effort to get in the plug for his now-erstwhile team, that, given how MTV repeats its programming over and over (because, well, we're silly enough to watch it over and over), I wonder which he regrets more: turning his back on his beloved Sox, or allowing MTV to document that love for posterity?

Remember: It's best to keep one's personal life off of TV. (That's what blogs are for.)

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