Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not doing it for the kids

[After ressurecting my laptop, I offer the following less-than-timely observation.]

Probably the best part—and perhaps the only good part—of last Thursday night's MTV VMA telecast was the Raconteurs, acting as the house band for the show, performing with guests Lou Reed (with whom they performed "White Light, White Heat"—as their first number, no less) and later Billy Gibbons on "Cheap Sunglasses" (one of their older, blues-based tracks, not something off Eliminator).

Not only were these good songs, performed out of sincere appreciation, but they clearly left the fans of Fall Out Boy and T.I . (and the other up-and-coming acts being celebrated) utterly baffled. (The only one who seemed excited was host Jack Black.)

There was nothing promotional about it (unlike the way performers are selected for the rest of the show, or for the Oscars, or for the Emmys—why is that not Emmies?—or for anything else on television). It was rock and motherfucking roll.

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  1. Damn straight, muthafuckas. Maybe if MTV had less of a wankfest and more actual analysis of music, the youth of today would not be worthless dirtbags with no attention span. But probably not, as the youth of any age always seem to master dirtbaggery in favor of all other skills.


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