Thursday, August 24, 2006

F___ the police

This is a shot of the police helicopter circling above my building as I type this. Well, it's more a shot of the tree next to my patio with the blurry helicopter (it's moving) and its spotlight in the background, but the tree has not been making noise for the last hour and keeping me awake, so it's not to what I wish to draw your attention at the moment.

At least they gave up making announcements over the loud speaker about "Give yourself up" and that nonsense (as they were doing about 45 minutes ago). Like someone who fled from police and who has not been found yet would be convinced to give up by vague threats from someone hundreds of feet up. (I believe by that point it requires a pistol pointed at the person.)

Of this I am convinced: the helicopter is creating more of a nuisance than was created by whomever they are chasing.

I know I'm a horrible member of the community to say this, but right now I would happily take my chances with the most nefarious individual running around my neighborhood in order to be able to go to sleep.

I'm too tired to be afraid.


  1. does this sort of thing give you a "state of seige" mentality.
    if this sort of thing happened here, i reckon poeple would think it was war of the worlds

  2. Be careful taking those photographs. Even in a podunk like Plattsburgh, NY, the cops have been confronting photographers, especially when the cops are at a scene of an accident or crime. Across the nation security guards and police officers don't like cameras. See the recent issue of Popular Photography with the article "The War On Photographers." You can find it at the magazine's website (sorry, don't have the link with me at the moment).



  3. The beauty of living in this sprawling metropolis is the cops have actual criminals to pursue. And the downside of living in this sprawling metropolis is this sort of thing is not really cause for concern, as it's not the first time this has happened.


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