Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cardboard cut-out blind date

[These photos were taken at a party supply store, and were not altered in any way.]

When it comes to party decor, apparently cut-outs of those who have occupied the Oval Office are in demand. But what are we to make of who gets placed next to these men?

Honest Abe gets the eye from Betty Boop, with a mildly suggestive but still not inappropriate desire for emancipation.

After Marilyn, JFK probably wouldn't think much of Paris, but of him she thinks... oh, I'm not going to go there. Too obvious, too hackneyed. But he still gets what is considered (for some reason) a "hot" girl.

While Dubya (in the corner) admires a pair of Kings in gold...
(don't ask, don't tell)...

This Elvis gets Catherine and Marilyn, because he knows the ladies love a man in uniform.

Are these pairings just coincidence, mere haphazzard placement based on where there was space on the overhead shelf?
I think not.

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