Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eating or Cheating Redux: Two-timing by one-timing

Last summer I posted about finding a new, closer breakfast place and feeling as though we were cheating on the restaurant that had been our regular spot (which was a drive across town). However, in the intervening months, that closer place had gone downhill and we haven't gone there in a while. The previous spot resumed its status as weekend destination for the morning meal.

A couple months ago we went to that usual breakfast spot (the Coffee Cup Café) and the host was a guy who we knew from the place closer to home (which shall remain unnamed) with which we had the dalliance as the "new" breakfast spot. When my wife walked in to CCC one Saturday morning and encountered the guy from other place, she experienced a shred of guilt.

It's not as though people who work in restaurants probably expect patrons never eat at other establishments, but I suppose the fact we at least knew this guy (and he clearly recognized us) made it seem a bit awkward, at least in her mind.

He agreed his former employer was not what it once was, and that others had said the same thing, which assuaged her concern. But as to why that concern existed in the first place can only be explained thusly: When we get friendly service, we develop a certain attachment.

Every restaurant serves food; we certainly want that to be good, but we also want a place that feels like home... when we don't feel like cooking at home.

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  1. We feel the same way. We like to go where everyone knows our name. But if the place turns sour, we usually whisper to our friends there the reason why we don't come back. They always understand.


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